An Oasis for Aging Loved ones – The Garage Apartment


Posted On March 19, 2020

Are you looking for an inexpensive way to relocate your aging parents or in-laws into your home without disrupting your family or living space?

Well look no further, the least expensive way is to build a garage apartment over your existing garage.  If you would like to have the most floor space possible, you need to ask your contractor to make the apartment the exact same size as the garage below.

Most attached garages are constructed with a framed or block wall, both of which are strong enough to support a second-story room above them.

A detached garage requires more careful examination. If it will support the room, it is easier to add the new room to a detached garage because you have four exterior walls with which to work with.

It’s best to choose a contractor, such as BRC Construction who has built many garage apartments over the years. They will be able to seamlessly match the new structure’s architecture with your home creating an increased curb appeal.

An experienced contractor, such as BRC Construction can also be very helpful in the planning process. They can enlighten and educate the homeowner about ideas that they themselves may have not previously considered in regard to designing the apartments functionality and comfort.

Adding a garage apartment also has other benefits.

  • Low cost-alternative for pricey senior housing expenses
  • Your children will have more quality time with their grandparents
  • Increased comfort and happiness of not feeling lonely
  • Privacy while keeping close company
  • Additional storage space
  • Increases home value

Having a garage apartment will boost the value of your home. Having an additional space in conjunction with your primary house will result in a higher listing price if were ever to place you house on the market.

In addition, garage apartments have helped Houston homeowners make ends meet during hard times are now helping them deal with soaring inner-city land values and property taxes in the booming local economy.

For more information or to schedule a free estimate, please contact BRC Construction at 832-364-7768.

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