Home Addition and Kitchen Remodeling in Houston: Issues and concerns

Posted On April 19, 2020

Home addition refers to adding up some space in your house. You may have some extra space laying unused or the home is looking like older house. If you want to rebuild the house and give it a modern shape, you will have to break down the house 1st. Then rebuild the house. This process will increase your expenses a lot. And also it is time consuming. Moreover, you will have to find an alternate place during rebuilding time. But you can make the home look beautiful and modern by just adding up some features in the existing house.

Yes! If you want to change the outlook of the house without much expenses, home addition may be a good idea for you. Home addition is a simple way to make your home looking beautiful and modern. Again it costs too low and it is possible to do the whole process single handed. In DIY projects, we can find many ideas for home addition which we can implement by ourselves. This projects costs lower and also easy to implement them within your own hands.

Whether you have a big or small house, room and house addition is a valuable thing to invest money. Home addition doesn’t only refer to increasing space, but also refurbishing and replacing furniture, changing the outlook of the interior etc. But before you start adding a space in your room, make sure it will last long. You have to keep in mind while redecorating the room:

  • Contact with an expert in building and approach with his suggestions.
  • Check for the building codes of your locality and country as well.
  • Prepare a blueprint and approach accordingly.
  • Report to the concerned authority after completing the addition.

Kitchen is an inseparable part of our home. In any house, normally a kitchen seems to be normal and of less furnished. Remodeling kitchens recovers 67% of their value in resale, making it one of the best home improvements. Here I’m going to discuss about home addition and kitchen remodeling in economical ways.

Issues to be Considered:

You may have much space left beside your house. You are willing to use them for home addition. You may find out that your home do not have any guest room, the kitchen is too small to work on. Perhaps you want to increase rooms but not rebuilding the house. So you are considering home addition. You may have some queries regarding this. Firstly, you may think if t is enough to complete the house and solve your problem. Well, if more space is needed, you will not have everything by opening up floor plans. Building out and expanding the ground floor are not those you are looking for. So, make a proper ways for addition and consult with an expert to have proper guideline. Pricing is a major problem regarding this project. You may not want to spend a lot of money but have a decorative and nice addition. Speak to a several contractors regarding this and follow their suggestions. They will provide you ideas for home addition with less cost. 3rd and most importantly, the question is about the quality. Well, I can say that you will have a beautiful and stunning home addition and refurbished kitchen if you keep all details in your mind and work with a contractor and trust him fully. This will help you to deal with extra spaces and you will get a home you have dreamt for.


Putting Room Over Garage:

 It is a great way to add extra square footage without messing up the home. All you need are walls and a roof over the garage’s foundation. Thus you can use the room as guest room. 


Including Modular Home Addition:

A modular is a room that is added on to the exterior of the house to create two story. This addition method is popular nowadays. These additions are 10-20% cheaper than conventional one.


Glass Wall Addition:

This is a spectacular home addition. You may add wall made of glass instead of cement and bricks so that the whole wall will act like window. It also increases the beauty of the house. Cost varies depending on the size of glass you needed.


Build a Dormer:

Building dormer not only make your attic space expanded, but also add a new feature in the beauty of your home. Some people try to increase their attic space through DIY projects.


Expand the Bathroom:

 The value of the total home increases with increment of bathroom square footage. Similar to the kitchen addition, bathroom projects have a ROI up to 62%.

Ideas for Kitchen Remodeling:

Kitchen can be said as the most important room for a house. So, this place should be well furnished and properly designed. Some ideas are given below:

  1. Design an Effective Layout: Before starting kitchen renovation, you have to keep in mind that maximum members of the house can go through the kitchen easily. So, rearranging the refrigerator, dishwasher and other equipment, lower cabinets layout can increase the space and provide opportunity for more storage.
  2. Replace Backsplash Tiles: Give your kitchen a new look with backsplash tiles. These tiles are available in market with a range of designs and styles. It also add a visually creative touch in your kitchen.
  3. Include a Shelf or Pantry: No matter your kitchen is big or small, a shelf is always an important part of a kitchen. Using pantry is better. In a pantry, you can not only store dried goods in the drawers, but also store brooms, mops and trash cans.
  4. Replacing Cabinets: Change out the old cabinets and replace them with sleek cabinets that goes with the design of your kitchen. Take help from DIY projects to replace them with your own hands.
  5. Upgrade Major Appliances: With kitchen renovation, upgrading the major appliances like gas stove, microwave oven etc. is an easy way to make big and aesthetic changes. But it will be costly.
  6. Switch Out Lightning: Lighting is the most important part for not only kitchen but also for the total home. Lighting can make a big difference in updating the kitchen. Various lighting system like task light, wall-mounted lights, track lights can make your kitchen brighten.


Home renovation is necessary for various reasons. If you want to make an old house looking new, you may not have to go through breaking and rebuilding the house. You can simply design on the existing house and make it loom beautiful. I have discussed some points about the renovation of the home and kitchen. You may search for more details and pictures of a well-furnished home and kitchen.

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