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BRC  is a full-service remodeling contrator in Houston with the expertise to complete everything from small projects, such as painting, skim coating, and flooring installation, to full custom House, townhouse, brownstone, coop, condo, and apartment renovation.



Kitchen remodeling can be an intimidating process, especially when you are planning what you need in your kitchen. You have to choose between the best colors for your kitchen. And also, materials which you want to be used in your kitchen, from top to bottom of the kitchen. You have to think about what type of kitchen do you want some modern kitchen or country style kitchen. Whether you want fine woods or tiled walls or need to use granite tops to feel more smoothness into your space.

Whatever your ideas and plans are, the BRS remodeling company is here to help you. Our company provides one of the best services of kitchen remodeling in Houston.


When thinking of kitchen remodeling, people first select cabinets, counter, sinks, and appliances of the kitchen. However, there is more than that.

Anything you want for your kitchen remodeling our team is here to get it done for you. Our team of experts constructs a working plan, which is important for your kitchen. We will guide you on what is a better strategy for your kitchen remodeling, whether it is cabinets, counter, sinks, or appliances. Or do you need extra space in your kitchen or designing a new layout for your kitchen to look more spacious?


  1. Selecting Kitchen Counterparts

Counterpart set your style in your kitchen. Choose the best materials and styles for your counterparts which perfectly fits with your kitchen style.

We will choose the best counterparts for your kitchen, which reflects your kitchen style. We got quality materials and a variety of color schemes for your kitchen counterparts, which will give brand-new look to your kitchen.

  1. Selecting Kitchen Flooring

When walking on the floor, especially in the kitchen needs to be dry always, so that it feels safer. It must feel smooth while waking on the floor. So, select the right material for your kitchen flooring.

Our company has the best and top-quality floor materials for our clients. Whether you want wooden flooring, tiled flooring, or bricks flooring, the BRS company can provide you all of these. We will guide you in which flooring will fit with your style of the kitchen.

  1. Selecting Kitchen Appliances

Appliances are primary features in your kitchen. You must have all the appliances in your kitchen so that you can cook and prepare your food easily.

Our company can provide you a range of appliances like ovens, exhausting system, freezer, microwave, sinks, dishwashers. We have stainless steel appliances and classic looks appliances, which will give an amazing look to your kitchen.

  1. Selecting Kitchen Cabinets

If your cabinets got scratches, or material is peeling off, upgrading them can give good look to your kitchen. Not only that, if you want entirely new cabinets designs, our company also has these.

Our BRS company can provide you the best cabinet materials in Houston, that will surely change your whole kitchen look.

  1. Selecting Best Kitchen Lightning

Is the lighting in your kitchen is not enough? Or your lights stop working? Our company can provide you best and stylish lighting for your kitchen. Our installed lights use less electricity and shine more. Our company lights give more fashionable looks to your kitchen, at a reasonable price.

  1. Selecting Bar Counter

Got a more spacious kitchen? You can add a bar counter in your kitchen that will give an attractive look to your kitchen. Or if you have already got the bar counter, you can upgrade it to look more gorgeous.

Our company has the best ideas for your attractive bar counter, to entertain your guests. We have a variety of designs for your bar counter which will perfectly fit with your kitchen style.



Give more space to your kitchen with new ideas and layout of kitchen designs. The restaurant kitchen needs more space to work and a wide variety of appliances. The family kitchen needs more storage. The party lovers need warming stylish drawers and cabinets with amazing bar counter. Designing a kitchen layout based on how they want to use it.

  1. Creating more space in kitchen

Today everyone needs a kitchen to be spacious, there should be enough space for working easily. And if your kitchen got not so much space, our company can modify your kitchen in better positioning. We can give you the space you want to work in your kitchen. We make sure that your kitchen must be appealing to gatherings. We create different work areas in your kitchen like washing area, dishes storage area, cooking area. So that you can work easily in your kitchen.


  1. Best Kitchen Styles

Our company got top quality kitchens style which you can choose for your kitchen remodeling

  • Country Farmhouse Kitchen
  • Modern Kitchen
  • French Country Kitchen
  • Coastal Kitchen
  • Rustic Kitchen
  • Italian Kitchen
  • American Kitchen

How our services are cost effective?

Most of the people fear of what budget they will face for getting stylish kitchen remodeling. However, our company provides one of the best packages in Houston for kitchen remodeling.

We carefully plan all the things, so that, you will get things done in your budget. We will provide you a complete summary of the work, where your money is going, and what items can be replaced to stay in your budget. We will not add any items which are not needed in your kitchen remodeling.


The bathroom is the private area of your house. It needs to be clean and spacious, where you can relax and wash away all your stress. Choosing a BRC company for your Houston bathrooms remodeling will provide you space and warmth you need in your bathroom. Our team is dedicated to their work. We will answer any queries, also define the whole process of our work.

Our kitchen remodeling includes

  • Counterparts
  • Cabinets
  • Spacing
  • Sinks
  • Lighting
  • Vanities
  • Mirrors
  • Showers and bathtubs

Features of Bathroom remodeling



Counterparts play an important role in your bathroom. They must be stylish, so that your bathroom looks modern. Our company can provide you the best reliable counterparts for your bathroom. You can select the material and color of your own choice, we got unlimited options.


Our company has different options for updating your cabinets, according to your need. You can select them according to your need and budget. We have new upgraded designs for cabinets, which makes your bathroom more stylish.


If you think your bathroom has less space and you can’t stand around easily, we can solve your problem. Our company has a great mathematician, who can calculate the best possible method to increase the size of your bathroom, they will discover the hidden space. We have an expert team, that will redesign your bathroom in such a way that your bathroom looks spacious.


There are various types of sinks, you can select from them according to your need. If you have children, you can have footstool in the base of the sink. Our company can guide you in the best possible way, what type of sink do you need. Some sinks types are free-standing, wall-mounted, vessel sink, etc.

Our company will provide you the best and long-lasting sinks for your bathroom, in reasonable price.


When selecting light, make sure that where do you want more light. For example, some people tend to put extra lights on sideways of the mirror. You can also choose smart lights, which you can put on dim or bright according to your mood.

Our company can provide you the best lighting system for your bathroom. That will shine your bathroom more than ever.


Vanity is the place where most people spend their time. Usually, it has a sink, mirror, and cabinets. You must use the best material for vanity, as this is the thing which is used most of the time. You can select material that is easy to clean and reliable.

We BRS remodeling company, make sure that you get the best material for your vanity, which will not easily get damaged.


If you have remodeled your vanity, it is good idea to change your mirrors according to your vanity. Your vanity and mirror should be matched. If your bathroom is being shared, you must put more than one mirror in your bathroom. This way, your bathroom looks much bigger than usual.

Our company only deals with the best quality of the mirrors. Which shows your true reflection. We make sure that we must provide the best quality, for which our clients are paying.

Showers and Bathtubs

A bathtub is a place where you spend your time in imagination. So, your bathtub must be comfortable for you. You can select the material, color, and size of the bathtubs according to your needs. If you have limited space in your bathroom, you can go for the shower also. There are many types of showerheads that can be installed in your bathroom.

We provide a wide range of bathtubs and showers, at a reasonable price. Our product quality remains on top. We will never install something which is useless.

How our services are cost-effective?

In BRS company, our only target is to provide everything to our clients they need, in their budget. While working with us, the budget is not a problem. Our company makes the whole procedure in the best possible manner. We use our client’s investment in an effective way. We provide only good quality goods for bathroom remodeling, at the best price. We never make our customers to get disappoint with our work. We have the best suppliers in the whole of Houston, which supply us items at good price.


People spend most of their time in their living rooms, dining area, study rooms, office room. These are the rooms where you sit and relax. So, they must be comfortable and soothing to sit there and chill. If you don’t have a comfortable living space, the BRS company can remodel your living space area. We remodel dining rooms, staircase, breakfast area, living rooms, office room, study room, and many more.

We do in such a way that you will love to spend more time there. We have modern designs for different living spaces, which are economical. You only need to give ideas to us, and we are ready to go for it.


Features of Living Space Remodeling


  1. Staircase

Through the staircase your guest walkthrough in your house, it put good impressions to your guest if you have a stylish and stunning staircase. It is the center part of your house so that it should be well-crafted.

Our company can give you a highly new look to your house staircase. We have the best quality of woods for your staircase, as well as the best tiles which can be used for your staircase. We have the best craft-men who can give you a stunning staircase.

  1. Dining Room

The dining room is the main living space for your family gathering. You and your family spend different occasions in the dining room. So, you don’t need to spend your memorable events in an old and nasty dining room.

Upgrade and renovate your dining room, with our company services. We provide great and stylish designs for your dining room. Our designs make you proud in front of your guest. The best thing is our all designs are economical.

  1. Office Room

Most people work from home, for this purpose, there is a separate office room, where they can work peacefully. People don’t want to hear noises from outside the room.

If your office room is not designed in such a way where you can’t work properly, our company can renovate your office room. We will architect your room in such a way where outside noise will get reduced, and you can work peacefully.

How our services are cost-effective?

Our services are cost-effective in such a way that we only suggest you changes which are needed most. We never add extras in your budget list. We guarantee you to do your living room renovations in the estimated budget. We have many success stories of our clients, as we completed their renovations in their given budget. We have the best dealers for your items, which supply the best quality of items needed for renovation.


Is your home in need of a complete renovation? BRS company can provide you high standard home remodeling services at your house doorstep. We work with highly skilled workers which efficiently provide home renovation. Our team has fully responsible and committed workers, to work on any project given to them. We provide unique home remodeling to every client according to their needs.

For us, every inch of the home is important, we work on every detail while remodeling your home. We can renovate any type of house, for us, size does not matter. Our company understands that in renovating work trust factor is important. We make sure that our clients completely trust us in every way. We make communication easier with our clients and brief them with our work. Our team resolves any problem with our clients regarding the remodeling of the house.

Features of Complete House Remodeling

Remodeling a complete home can never be an easy task for homeowners. It is not piece of a cake which can be done easily. Nonprofessionals could not perform this job in an efficient manner. Complete house remodeling means you need to renovate your whole house, from top of the ceiling to the bottom of the floor.

House remodeling not only include new paint, change of flooring, and changing old furniture to a new one. You also need to fix the wiring of your house and water draining system in your house. Our company has the best hardworking electricians and plumbers that can provide their services at the best price. Our company also provide many different features of complete house remodeling, from which some of the common are:

  • Painting your house
  • Floor
  • Ceiling
  • Doors
  • Bedrooms
  • Dining rooms
  • Bathrooms
  • Office rooms
  • Kitchen
  • Playing area
  • Outdoor spaces
  • Wallpapers
  • Furniture polish

There are many other features on which our company can work. You can hire us for any type of house renovation, we are ready to help you.



How our services are cost-effective?

Complete house renovation can cost you a huge amount. However, working with BRS company cost is not an issue. We got the best budget estimators, which can provide you best price for your house renovation. Our team provides you the complete list of items and their prices. We make sure that we fulfill our client’s budget. Our prices are low from all over the Houston remodeling companies. However, we will not comprise on the quality of our work.


If you have not good enough outdoor living space to spend time with your family, the BRS company can help you in creating one. Most of the people in Houston, like to spend their time in outdoor living space with their families. There are pool parties in their backyard, or they can spend their time on deck or porch. Whatever the choice you want to make our company can architect for you at a reasonable price.

Our company has the best and skill full laborers, which can easily give you a new look to your outdoor space. We never fear of any challenges, whatever the situation is we can easily resolve it. We never comprise on our quality of work, no matter how big or small work we got, or how much our clients are willing to pay us. We give the same unique quality of work to our every client.

Features of Outdoor Space Remodeling

If you are willing to enjoy every weather in the best possible manner, you can renovate your outdoor space or backyard into something stylish. There can be many different options for outdoor spacing renovations. You can select them according to your needs. Like you can have a deck or porch or having a pool in the backyard. You can bring creativity in different ways.

Our company provides you the best outdoor spacing remodeling in the whole of Houston.

  •       Installing Pool

We can provide you better outdoor space by installing pool in your backyard. You can spend your summertime with your friends and family in shades, enjoying the water splashes. Also, you can put lounge chairs to rest in hot summer days. Cooking delicious food near the pool.

Our team can fit the pool in your backyard with all the essentials items. We take accurate measurements and then start working on it. So, it looks perfect with your ground size. Guess what, by taking our services you can get your desired pool in your budget.

  •       Installing Porches

Your home needs to look fabulous from inside as well as outside. You can have a stylish wooden porch in front of your house, where you can sit with your soulmate enjoying the nature view. You can put different comfortable chairs, where you can relax in your free time.

You just imagine what kind of porch you need in front of your house we can turn it into reality. You have not to worry about what it will cost you. We will handle your budget.

We also provide garage remodeling. If your garage is outdated, you can give us a call. We can renovate your garage in a modern way. We can install all the important tools needed for your vehicle, also upgrade your light in your garage, and install an automatic door in your garage. You just name it, and we will do it for you.

How our services are cost-effective?

While working with us, we make sure that we only provide reasonable things to our clients for their outdoor renovations. We will never do false talk with our clients. We guide them in the best possible manner. Our company provides full data sheet, in which every item is listed with their price tags. We only work with the suppliers which sell their products at the best price. However, our quality inspection team checks every item. You have not to be worried about your budget. We can do all the things in your estimated budget.

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We wanted to take the time to give you some feedback on our experience with Ryan as our Project Manager. We really couldn’t have asked for more. From the start of the project he made himself readily available to us. I could reach him easily and he always responded quickly to my messages. He was thorough and always willing to find a solution to issues as they arose. He offered from the beginning to meet as often as we wanted. Although, our schedules didn’t allow for meeting often, we appreciated that and never felt uncomfortable in asking questions or requesting more information during the building process. I appreciated his calm demeanor so much. It served as reassurance that all would get done and to our satisfaction. He seems to have a great relationship with his subs which we have come to understand is quite important in your business. As business owners we know how important but difficult it is to find good people. In Ryan, you’ve found an exceptional PM.

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We hired BRC construction to build a second-story addition in our ranch style home in memorial area we were very pleased with the quality of work and communication from Ryan and his staff throughout the process I would highly recommend BRC construction. The detail was amazing.

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We hird BRC construction to do a garage apartment addition in Bunker Hill village. The process was so easy and turn key. They have a very trustworthy and honest staff that communicates well especially since we were at work during most of the construction process. I have recommended them to all my friends and family.

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