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Benefits of a BRC Construction Second Story Addition?


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Different Issues Comes Under Consideration While Thinking for Second Story Addition.


As you are aware, the option of second story addition is chosen when people want to extend the house vertically. As the family extends, we might find the home a bit crowded and decide to extend the space. Second-story addition is one of the best ways to do so. It not only increases the value but also enhances the outlook of the house.  It doesn’t matter whether you looking for second-story addition in Houston or  Woodlands or at Katy. In general, it is a very clever home renovation project that will make the house more functioning and double the house’s square footage. But some issues need to be kept in mind before starting the project.

Check the foundation:

Before starting the second story project, it is advised to check the foundation to see if it can carry the weight of a second story. At this point, the owner might find out that the foundation will only support a partial second story instead of a full addition. Completing this process before doing any other task regarding the second-story addition will save both money and time.

The staircase:

A staircase is a must when a second floor is being added, and in this case, the attic staircase won’t work. The problem occurs when there is no suitable place left to add a staircase on the ground floor. So we have to keep this fact in mind that the staircase will take a good amount of space on the ground floor and try to choose where the staircase will be built. If there is no space inside, we can also add the staircase outside the house. Although it is not an ideal setup, it will save some space inside or build a second-story addition possible for those houses that do not have enough space to create a staircase inside.

Electrical and plumbing:

The typical place for electrical and plumbing is near or on the roof in a single-story house. But when the top is getting ripped off entirely or partially, these systems need to be moved and upgraded. We better consult the electrician and the plumber to discuss the new position and upgrades required before starting the project.

Finding the right contractor:

This can be a challenging job before starting the second story addition. Look for references from friends, family, or neighbors who already had the experience of home renovations. This will help to cut the long list of contractors and find someone suitable in a short time. Ask for additional documents and examples of work they did before. We should avoid bidding too much to find someone at a cheaper rate if we want quality work to be done, as good and experienced contractors always demand a bit more.


Many people fail to realize that building in real life is no close to TV realities. The real-world renovation has its fair challenges and many ups and downs. But taking the proper steps and following them can make the renovation projects much more manageable and exciting. It can be one of the most memorable experiences we have in our life.


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We wanted to take the time to give you some feedback on our experience with Ryan as our Project Manager. We really couldn’t have asked for more. From the start of the project he made himself readily available to us. I could reach him easily and he always responded quickly to my messages. He was thorough and always willing to find a solution to issues as they arose. He offered from the beginning to meet as often as we wanted. Although, our schedules didn’t allow for meeting often, we appreciated that and never felt uncomfortable in asking questions or requesting more information during the building process. I appreciated his calm demeanor so much. It served as reassurance that all would get done and to our satisfaction. He seems to have a great relationship with his subs which we have come to understand is quite important in your business. As business owners we know how important but difficult it is to find good people. In Ryan, you’ve found an exceptional PM.

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We hired BRC construction to build a second-story addition in our ranch style home in memorial area we were very pleased with the quality of work and communication from Ryan and his staff throughout the process I would highly recommend BRC construction. The detail was amazing.

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We hird BRC construction to do a garage apartment addition in Bunker Hill village. The process was so easy and turn key. They have a very trustworthy and honest staff that communicates well especially since we were at work during most of the construction process. I have recommended them to all my friends and family.

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